Thursday, March 29, 2012


The rate at which Delhi is developing is pretty phenomenal. The last two times I've been driven home from the airport - a mere 20 minutes away from my abode - I've struggled to work out where I am and how I got there as we weave our way towards NH8. Sure I know the direction in which I have to go to get home ("it's thataway", I point helpfully to the driver), but there are all these pesky obstacles in the way such as road dividers and roundabouts and flyovers and trains.

There are all these SIGNS in the way now. I didn't need roadsigns to get home 5 years ago. All that this super-development has achieved, I told my mother, is to make it harder for us locals to get anywhere while the tourists and other out-of-towners cruise smoothly around, unhindered by the ancient schemas that are so firmly entrenched in our minds.

SO I just decided to document the pace of development in this city, by mapping (I use the word loosely) out my changing route to the airport over the past 25 years.

I'm very creative and artistic, I know:

I must admit - the last one is actually the way BACK from the airport.